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Choosing the right Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) platform is difficult, time consuming, and essential to protecting and governing your organization’s identities. Our professional services teams can help you with your IGA integrations, customizations, and optimization. Using our proprietary microservices based IAM platform, Perseus IAM, we are able to deliver winning IGA integrations. We’ll help you get the most from—and the most efficient use of—the IGA platform and investment you choose.

IGA Optimization and Professional Services Offerings

Here is how we use Perseus IAM and professional services to deliver your winning IGA integrations:

By offloading the processing of identities, data cleansing, and normalization onto Perseus IAM, we are able to reduce the use of your IGA cloud and on-premise infrastructure for these heavy processing tasks. Where you would traditionally have to install several high-end hardware solutions, cloud storage, or large cloud instances, you will be able to scale back infrastructure only to what your minimal access recertification requires, reducing long-term infrastructure costs over time.

As Perseus IAM is already pre-integrated to work with existing IGA vendors, the integration and customizations into your existing cybersecurity infrastructure can be done faster and more efficiently. Perseus IAM’s use of API endpoints allows our team to quickly connect to any additional platforms (i.e., PIM/PAM) and map them to a new schema. This schema can also be changed quickly without a total rebuild of the IGA stack.

Built using high performance applications, Perseus IAM microservices allow you to process, normalize, and cleanse identities, groups, and entitlements in minutes, versus the traditional IGA time of hours. By allowing Perseus IAM to do the heavy lifting, you’ll be able to greatly benefit from using your IGA platform for its intended purpose: governing and reporting on your identities.

Perseus IAM is able to provide automation to applications where connectors are not available in the IGA platform. This is possible due to Perseus IAM’s use of industry standard APIs.

Take the next-gen approach with Perseus IAM

Perseus IAM takes a next-generation approach to Identity Governance and Administration. This IAM platform uses a microservices architectural pattern, which involves orchestration among IAM microservices and includes configuration management, service discovery, and containerization.

It exposes IAM/IGA specific capabilities as a service to applications, devices, and other integration platforms. Perseus IAM bridges the gap between your existing IAM infrastructure and modern cloud-based infrastructure.

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