Integrate PIM/PAM more efficiently
using Perseus IAM

Accelerate your PIM/PAM integrations

Our Cybersecurity team solves some of the most common integration problems customers face with IGA, Privileged Identity Management (PIM), and Privileged Access Management (PAM) technologies. Our cloud native process and technology approach for PIM/PAM allows our professional services team to quickly customize your PIM/PAM integrations while accelerating, securing, and managing your privileged identities and their access across legacy and cloud native infrastructures.

The most common integration problems we solve are:

  • No real-time synchronization of privileged accounts and their access with IGA platforms (on-premise and hybrid cloud)
  • Orphaned privileged accounts across disparate applications, infrastructure, and devices
  • Least privilege violations due to excessive entitlements over time and ungoverned access
  • Dynamic infrastructure with dynamic accounts and secrets (e.g., HashiCorp Vault Enterprise integration)
  • No integrated PIM/PAM and IGA platform data correlation, normalization, or reporting

PIM/PAM integrations and professional service offerings

Our ability to inherently understand privileged accounts and access models across disparate PIM/PAM vendors allows us to craft solutions to orchestrate the removal or addition of privileged access in near real time. Additionally, our standard solutions for SIEM vendors allows a cybersecurity analyst to visualize these access changes and determine levels of risk.

We help craft solutions to address common HR tasks to allow for more focus on other areas of IT automation. For example, we can effectively design, implement, and support an IGA solution to certify and change the ownership of managed privileged accounts.

By connecting your PIM/PAM directly into your IGA platform using standard connectors and technology, we deliver clean and normalized privileged identities and accounts for certification. This lowers the processing time of complex PIM/PAM and identity governance data.

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