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Solve challenges faster and accelerate your business with Spyglass’s Premium Support

For years, enterprises have turned to Microsoft Premier Support to resolve issues with their Microsoft software environments. While most only need help with problem resolution, Microsoft’s support agreement comes with upfront fees and requires the purchase of proactive services such as health checks, workshops and account management that many customers would prefer not be tied to spending decisions for problem resolution support.

There’s a simpler and more cost-effective approach: Spyglass’s Premium Support. Premium Support is an ongoing relationship that provides enterprises with support for their Microsoft technology environments through Spyglass, whose 15 years as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner assures efficient and cost-effective resolution.

The relationship provides 24x7 support and responsive “white-glove” customer service, all backed by Microsoft Premier Support any time it’s needed. Premium Support also provides access to experts who can proactively address your non-urgent planned support needs only when, and if, you desire. With Premium Support, you get the best support through a partner that knows your business goals and can support you in the ever-evolving Microsoft technology landscape.

Premium Support

Our Premium Support Package combines our traditional Support Model with backing from Microsoft Premier Support and our 24x7 Support Center allowing us to provide you with flexible, cost-effective access to skilled resources that help you get the most from your IT investments. You get:

  • Cost-effective service: Based on a consumption model
  • Flexible hours: Use the type of hours you need (e.g., resolution), not a prescribed package
  • Transparent reports: Monthly reports are provided with an invoicing outline for all billed hours
  • Responsive customer support: White-glove responsiveness and customer care
  • Access to Premier support: Using our Service Center, you can involve Microsoft at any time

When you have an issue or need help, you can call our toll-free number or email our Support Center, and we will solve your issues, leveraging or team of experts and Microsoft Premier support as needed.

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Power your business with advanced Microsoft services and support, on your terms. We can help you use Managed Services to solve challenges fast, fully optimize your Microsoft environment, and drive your business goals. Let’s start a conversation about the right support strategy for your business needs. Let’s get started.

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